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The city of Worcester is the heart of central Massachusetts and the Commonwealth, and a wonderful place to work. Home to over 200,000 residents and thriving businesses, renowned institutions of higher learning, diverse cultural amenities and a vibrant social scene, Worcester is a New England flagship city and a great place to live and work. Join our efforts to provide unparalleled professional services to our community. Be part of a shared mission to build strong neighborhoods, create a vibrant and prosperous city, maintain sound fiscal government, and provide opportunity for all. We offer a competitive compensation as well as a comprehensive benefits package. This is your chance to do well by doing good!

Some of these benefits include the following:


The City of Worcester offers a wide range of insurance options, including health, dental, vision, and life, and offers a 75% match on health care plans.

  • Employees are eligible from their first day of employment – ​​something many employers do not offer.
  • Offers a choice of health insurance, with broad or targeted plans to meet everyone’s needs; whether individual or family.
  • Employees can purchase supplemental universal life policies, term life policies, or a variety of short-term and/or long-term disability plans.
  • Benefit premiums are deducted from your salary on a pre-tax basis.
  • Voluntary direct bill benefits, including home and auto insurance, pet insurance, and identity theft protection, are also available for enrollment year-round!

Quality of life

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The City recognizes that a career is only part of a healthy lifestyle. City employees are granted 12 paid holidays per year and offer different types of holidays depending on the needs of the employee. We offer a vacation policy based on salary level and length of contract, up to five weeks. Employees have the option of direct deposit as well as deductions for living needs such as dependent care, medical services, transportation, etc.

  • Save money in your flexible spending account at an amount designated by the employee each year. These savings are deducted from employees’ pay before taxes are calculated, resulting in additional savings for the employee.
  • Employees accrue sick days that provide for potential illnesses.

Professional development

The City of Worcester recognizes that employees have the talent to grow in their jobs and careers, and training opportunities are a great way to do that. The city offers a tuition waiver program that reduces the cost of attending certain courses at local institutions, including Anna Maria College, Assumption University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Worcester State University. Employees who meet the institution’s entry requirements have the option of taking one course each semester at a discounted rate. For certain specialized positions, the City will also assume the cost of professional training or professional memberships necessary to carry out the work.

  • Registration will be based on available places, as determined by the various colleges.
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Retirement plan

The City of Worcester is part of the Massachusetts Retirement System, which means that after ten years of employment, a worker can secure a guaranteed income for life as well as post-employment health care benefits. The city plan is transferable within the Massachusetts system, which means time saved with other state and local government entities, as well as federal military service, can contribute to your tenure.

Deferred compensation

The City also links employees to pre-tax, self-funded defined contribution plans for those looking to enhance their retirement with investment income.

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The City of Worcester is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. The City of Worcester guarantees that every individual will have equal access to all City employment opportunities. The City is inclusive and will not discriminate on the basis of disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, age, color, religious belief , national origin, genetic information, ancestry, military service or source of income.

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