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There have been many studies in the past on what times are best for young adults when it comes to when to start school. In Gowanda, the school board is well informed.

At a meeting earlier this month, board members discussed shifting the high school start time to 30 minutes later.

“I think most of the districts here start much later than Gowanda”, said Dollene Christopher, board member. “A half hour which I don’t consider a huge prejudice in any respect. However, is it worth doing it? Is there a cost benefit that results? My question is, would you like to spend some time watching this? “

While admitting that no decision will be made until September, the board agreed that the community should participate in the discussion if the start times were to be changed. It would also be interesting to hear from high school students on this issue. Those in their teens are often night owls. They may prefer a later start time option.

By the way, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended start time is 8:30 am That’s late for many high schools in the area.

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