The 2022 budget of the Township of Exeter OK; expected changes | Regional News from Berks


EXETER TWP., Pa .– Supervisors in Exeter Township followed the letter of the law when they met Monday night, passing a budget and setting tax rates for 2022. Based on comments from several supervisors current and future ones, however, the budget could be reconsidered immediately in 2022.

“I have several major concerns,” commented supervisor John Piho. “We haven’t raised taxes since 2015, and I am opposed to raising taxes. I prefer to transfer money from reserves.”

“I don’t remember agreeing to raise taxes,” said Carl Staples, supervisor for two months. “How didn’t we know we were in deficit? “

“We must review these budget items line by line in 22,” he added. “We have to be smart about the way we do things so that we don’t have to tap into the reserves.”

The general property tax rate remains at 2,145 miles, however, the fire service tax will drop from 0.605 miles to 0.705 miles in 2022.

In addition, in 2022, the exemptions on family properties and farms that excluded the first $ 50,000 of assessed value for listed residential properties will be repealed. This will, in effect, present an increase in the property tax for residents who have previously requested the exemption.

“I am now comfortable with the changes we made in the last meeting,” noted supervisor George Bell. “I’m very interested in looking at things next year.”

The 2022 budget went 4-1 with Piho opposed.

Budget Highlights

Projected general fund revenues in 2022 are $ 12,583,497, a decrease of 1.8% from $ 12,807,824 in 2021. Expenses are projected at $ 12,565,798.

The township plans to add two patrollers, a public works mechanic and an increase in the contribution to the Exeter community library from $ 200,000 to $ 250,000.

Cost savings for administrative and police employee health insurance will include a 6% decrease due to the use of trust member rewards, a 12% decrease in workers’ compensation insurance and a decrease in complaints.

In addition, the state aid received in 2022 and in the years to come will cover the minimum pension cost of the municipality’s municipal bonds without having to withdraw from the general fund.

Additionally, the annual recycling fee will drop from $ 35 to $ 70 per property, and minor changes will be made to engineering and parks and recreation fees.

The Utilities Fund records tax revenue received from landowners who benefit from public lighting and fire hydrant services and expenditures, including utilities and maintenance.

The standpipe tax remains at 0.095 thousandths and the street lighting tax remains at 42 cents per foot of improved property and about 26 cents per foot of unimproved property.

In addition, the township will receive $ 2,697,534.94 by the end of 2022 from the US bailout. The use of funds is limited to a few eligible uses. In 2022, the township plans to use the funds for culvert replacement projects, computer upgrades, an electronic welcome sign, safety supplies and disinfection.

Other actions

Supervisors amended a resolution regarding the unbudgeted transfer of proceeds from the sale of sewage to the general fund in the amount of $ 1,500,000, adding $ 500,000 to make the total $ 2,000,000.

Additionally, supervisors filed for approval of an application by the Township of Exeter School Board to use the promenade location on Perkiomen Avenue as a temporary bus depot because supervisors had not received the information requested due to the school being closed for the holidays.


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