STBA Trading 9.5% below recent manager’s purchase price


THere’s an old saying on Wall Street about insider buying: There are many possible reasons to sell a stock, but only one reason to buy. On August 10, S&T Bancorp Inc director Peter Richard Barsz invested $ 5,285.52 in 175 shares of STBA, at a cost per share of $ 30.20. Bargain hunters tend to pay special attention to insider buys like this, as the only reason an insider would take their hard-earned money and use it to buy shares of their company on the open market. is that he expects to earn money. On Thursday, bargain hunters could buy shares of S&T Bancorp Inc (ticker: STBA) and achieve a base cost 9.5% cheaper than Barsz, with shares changing hands for as little as $ 27.32 per share. Shares of S&T Bancorp Inc are currently trading down about 0.6% on the day. The chart below shows the one-year performance of STBA shares, compared to its 200-day moving average:

Looking at the chart above, STBA’s low point in its 52 week range is $ 16.98 per share, with $ 35.795 as a 52 week high, compared with a last trade of $ 27.68. For comparison, below is a table showing the prices at which STBA insider buys have been recorded in the past six months:

Purchased Initiated Title Actions Price / share Value
05/11/2021 Lewis W. Adkins Jr. Director 295 $ 32.73 $ 9,655.35
07/23/2021 Jeffrey D. Grube Director 3000 $ 28.64 $ 85,917.27
08/10/2021 Peter Richard Barsz Director 175 $ 30.20 $ 5,285.52

The current annualized dividend paid by S&T Bancorp Inc is $ 1.12 / share, currently paid in quarterly installments, and its most recent ex-dividend date was 4/8/2021. Below is a long term dividend history chart for STBA, which can be of great help in judging if the most recent dividend with approx. The annualized return of 4.0% is expected to hold up.

STBA + Dividend + History + Graph

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