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Consult the mortgage loan rates for the month of June 2018 that we can obtain from our banking partners.

Without surprises and as we announced in May 2018, rates remain low and allow borrowers to acquire their property in the best conditions!

Our best property rates from June 2018

Our best property rates from June 2018

  Best national fixed rate Trend Monthly *
7 years 0.45% Stable = $ 120.95
10 years 0.75% Stable = $ 86.52
15 years 0.95% Stable = $ 59.63
20 years 1.10% Stable = $ 46.44
25 years 1.30% Stable = $ 39.06

* Monthly payment excluding insurance for € 10,000 borrowed capital

Evolution of mortgage rates 10, 15, 20 and 25 years

Evolution of mortgage rates 10, 15, 20 and 25 years

Follow the evolution of mortgage rates for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years from January 2015 until today thanks to our interactive chart, select the date and duration you want to see the best rate:

Real estate rate analysis of June 2018

Real estate rate analysis of June 2018

Mortgage rates for individuals have returned to their level at the beginning of 2017. Between May and June, rates remain stable with grids that have remained virtually unchanged. Only the least well-placed banks lowered their rates by -0.05 and -20 pts according to profiles.

Is it time to borrow?

“This is good news for future borrowers, banks are giving more and more rate discounts, up to – 0.50 pts. Especially since these discounts are no longer reserved only for excellent profiles, what counts for the banks are the counterparties that customers will bring to the bank such as the domiciliation of salaries, the residual savings, the possibility of making investments , subscribing home insurance, etc … “explains Head of Communications at Miss Marple.

Banks rely heavily on home loans to gain market share except that the number of applications for mortgages declined slightly in 2018. To capture new customers, banks lead a real trade war between them, hence the trend towards low rate.

Traditionally, banks have been increasing their mortgage loan rates in summer over the July-August period in order to limit the flow of files during the holidays of their employees. Since 2017, many banks have industrialized and computerized their file processing processes in order to optimize response times, so see if this year the trend is confirmed.

As the number of loans has dropped slightly in 2018, banks are banking on real estate loans to gain market share. They want to attract new customers, so they lead a real trade war between them, hence the trend to low rates.

Evolution of medium-term rates

Experts expect a modest general rise in mortgage rates from the third quarter of 2018. Many factors militate in favor of a rise as inflation, annual rate currently stands at 1.3% against 0.5% in number 2016. The OAT 10 years, the financial index that serves as a benchmark for banks to determine housing credit rates, saw its level double in 18 months. 

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