Rainier School Board Sends Letter to State Supporting Greater Local Power | Education


Since the start of the pandemic, at least 1 in 24 residents have been infected, for a total of 2,192 reported cases.

Board chair Elaine Placido asked what the district would do if the state made distance education compulsory.

Hattrick said it was a “scary thought” and he just hoped it didn’t get to it.

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“When I see articles that other states have moved in this direction, I get nervous,” he said. “We must continue to defend our communities; we will continue to call lawmakers and seek an audience with the governor. “

Rainier school district to get new technology with federal relief funds

The council also voted in favor of reducing sports fees.

Over the past four years, fees have fluctuated. Hattrick said last year that the board approved a fee of $ 100 per sport for middle school students and $ 150 per sport for high school students. However, all fees were waived last year due to the pandemic.

From 2016 to 2019, the fees were $ 50 per sport for middle school students and $ 100 per sport for high school students. On average, sports fees brought in $ 33,700, while the average cost of sports programs is around $ 164,000. Hattrick said the board transferred $ 125,500 from the general fund each year on average to cover the difference.

Hattrick presented the board with several options: keep the fees approved last year; eliminate all fees; use the old fee structure with a cap of $ 500 per family; or adopt a modified price list with the first sport in high school at $ 100 and the additional sports at $ 50 each and for the first sport in college at $ 50 and the additional sports at $ 25.


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