Noblechairs Hero TX gaming chair review – comfort at a price


It wasn’t until I really sat down (hur hur) and started evaluating Noblechair’s Hero TX Gaming Chair that I realized how much a chair’s DNA can be seen at through the prism of personal taste. Sitting in it as I write this review, I’m still confident in my assessment that this is a pretty decent kit, but there’s still a lot to be said about it. For that kind of money, it’s important to be honest with yourself and with anyone who is considering purchasing this gaming chair.

Since I’ve been using a dining chair for a month, I was pretty excited to try something different. Memories of my comfortable – old – the office chair, which my wife has now claimed as hers, had danced around my head throughout the build. I was then really surprised at how mixed my feelings were when I finally sat down on my new charcoal throne.

Am I disappointed? No, but that was also not what I was used to with my former president. Am I comfortable? I am not sure. I have a lot of support, my shoulder hurts less thanks to the fine adjustments I can make to the “4D” armrests, and sitting in the Hero TX gives me a feeling of stability and support that I never would have. thought to miss. But it’s still not quite the same.

A lever allows you to adjust the backrest so that you can lean back a bit at all times, and you can also force a support by pressing the tilt mechanism. I liked to lean on my old chair and lift my feet every now and then – something that has a lot more steps now. I also can’t help but feel that I’m somehow too small for this chair, although weight isn’t an issue – this model is designed for up to 150kg / 330lbs of person.

Get away from fancy concepts like feelings, and dig into some factual practicalities. The instructions advise you to read the entire instructions (check) and work with a friend to help you assemble the chair. I managed to do this solo in about 40 minutes, disregarding any stops, but you will probably need a companion to lift the absolute unit from a seat and place it on the base – this is not quite thread a needle, but since you won’t be able to see what you are doing, you will have to be careful of your goal.

The construction is pleasantly simple – most of the elements snap into place and are then pushed further by gravity. There are a few screws to contend with, and you might want to get your own allen key. Headquarters Is Comes with one in the box that doubles as a screwdriver on the other end, but as handy as it sounds, you won’t be able to use the wide angle of the allen wrench anymore.

The hero is the most expensive of a set of three which also includes the epic and the icon. Looking at the cloth models – this is what I tested – there is only a difference of around $ 40 / £ 35 between the Hero and the cheaper option. The prices get a little wild and more varied when you start looking at options like leather etc. Real Leather for the Hero will set you back $ 719.99 / £ 600, if you have more cash than common sense.

There are a couple of things that always manage to feel “cheap” about the chair. One of the armrest tiers – the one that controls the height – actually broke during transport, so I had to get myself a replacement set. I’m sure it was a one-time event, but some of the plastic stuff looks a bit cheap. There are also two paddles under the chair – one to control the total height of the seat via the gas lift, and another to lock the rocker mechanism.

My kids have managed to find out that they are really easy to pull off and run away, which you can imagine is right Great. It’s probably the only part of the chair that really disappoints me, but it’s still a little problem.

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A note for the environmentalists among you: while this did not impact our thoughts on the chair itself, it should be noted that ordering one of these will be accompanied by an unfortunate amount of plastic packaging, and not all of it recyclable as far as we are aware. This is expected to some extent – a unit of this weight requires a certain level of protection to avoid damage in transit, but for those of us trying to monitor our environmental impact, it’s still a tough pill to keep. swallow.

We have spoken directly to Noblechairs about this, and the company is aware that this is an unfortunate consequence. She is committed to finding a better and greener solution, but has yet to decide on anything.

Ultimately, the Hero TX with Charcoal Fabric isn’t going to redefine your life or lead you to new office furniture revelations – it’s not cheap to $ 459.99 / £ 364.99, and probably falls into the “luxury” category given that it is comparable to the price of a gaming console. My most recent benchmark was a fairly inexpensive office chair from a high street retailer. Not cheap either, but certainly not that expensive.

But it is also undeniable that the Hero is extremely strong, stable and quite easy to assemble. The fabric is firm, yet supple, you feel comfortable – if not quite comfortable – when sitting in it, and the weird rough edges don’t detract from what is a fairly decent chair. This might not be the hero you need, but if you can afford it, this could be the hero you deserve.

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