New general manager to galvanize NTDC by bringing the best human resources on board


LAHORE: The National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) has focused on effective and efficient human resource management (HRM) with a view to completing projects on time while strictly maintaining quality, its senior official said on Saturday. .

To gain a competitive advantage, it is imperative to capitalize on human resources, as this aspect alone plays a key role in the timely execution of the electricity transmission infrastructure.

“Therefore, in addition to launching the training of existing staff on modern lines, we have decided to hire more than 2,000 highly qualified professionals over the next four months to start work on various projects,” said Azaz Ahmad, newly appointed chief executive of NTDC, in an interview with The News.

“This process could continue in the future as we have identified a total of 4,000 vacant positions,” he added.

Brainstorming on various ideas shortly after taking over the management of the company early last month, Ahmad said: “I have come to believe that the lack of qualified and professional staff has been the problem. ‘one of the biggest obstacles to the timely execution of electricity transmission infrastructure projects’.

“Therefore, a process for hiring technically sound personnel through a transparent process of national testing services is a pressing need.”

Unlike other so-called “foreigners,” Eng Azaz Ahmad, although having joined NTDC after resigning from Siemens, one of the world’s leading tech giants, worked at the Pakistan transmission company for about a decade.

Thus, he was not parachuted into the top office of the public sector entity in the sense that he had work experience in the NTDC prior to 2007. Usually, a foreigner faces stiff resistance from the government. local staff. “However, I am fortunate to have gained the trust of the company’s human resources in a short period of time,” he said.

Ahmad has a wealth of experience in dealing with tight deadlines in difficult situations while executing energy projects with world-renowned multinational companies.

In particular, he delivered the rapid execution of a vital project for the construction of a record number of substations in Sindh province in the shortest possible time, providing an unprecedented pace of work in a country like Pakistan.

Holder of a Bachelor of Engineering degree from UET Lahore, Ahmad obtained his MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) at the University of Punjab, in addition to having successfully completed a Professional Management Professional certification. project and other training courses at renowned institutes in Canada and Saudi Arabia.

He worked with Siemens for about 15 years, reaching one of the most senior positions on the technical side while earning a very rewarding pay. When included in MD’s hiring process, NTDC post, it took about a year for the federal government to complete the process. And finally, his services were acquired for a two-year term with a monthly salary of around Rs2.5 million.

When asked about his loaded package, Ahmad said he has a similar salary and benefits at the multinational company. objective of delivering work, while adopting a results-oriented approach ”.

“I believe that a team of capable and satisfied employees is also essential to implement the recently approved Indicative Production Capacity Expansion Plan (IGCEP), coupled with the tasks already underway,” Ahmad said. his priorities as general manager of the transport service.

To make the IGCEP model a success, MD NTDC felt that “we must have great flexibility in the national grid which allows a smooth power supply across the length and breadth of the country on the basis of need and at the lowest cost”.

“Given the evolution of the situation, we will invest heavily in the human resources of the company. “

Calling human resource management a key area of ​​interest to him, he argued, the company would fully focus on realizing the potential of making these employees a valuable asset to the company who would be fully able complete assigned task according to schedule.

“Poor human resources have been a major factor in cost overruns and delays in transmission line projects,” he said.

In addition to attaching priority to the management of human resources, including the recruitment, hiring and deployment of one of the best choices available in addition to the management of the employees of the organization through a process of strengthening robust capabilities, “we renegotiate the working parameters of certain ongoing projects with the subcontractors in order to complete them within the stipulated deadlines. time”.

“We are also in the process of developing a system to digitally monitor the progress of the business. The centralized system will allow senior management to have real-time data of every parameter regarding the progress of ongoing projects, ensuring the timely execution of the power infrastructure plan, ”Ahmad concluded.


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