Ladner’s busy intersection will undergo upgrades


An analysis of alternatives that considers at least three improvement options to improve traffic flow should be undertaken

A plan is underway to facilitate the passage of buses at a busy Ladner intersection.

The City of Delta has issued a request for proposal for a traffic consultant to conduct a study on the speed and reliability of buses at the intersection of Harvest Drive and Ladner Trunk Road.

The consultant should consider possible improvements to improve traffic at the intersection, especially for mass transit vehicles, provide high level cost estimates for each improvement option and a cost benefit analysis for each option.

Depending on the city, the Ladner Exchange is served by 15 to 25 buses per hour in each direction, but these buses experience significant delays on Harvest Drive and Ladner Trunk Road, especially at the intersection.

Delta’s official community plan identifies the need for rapid, direct transit service from Ladner to other Delta communities and possible improvements at the intersection.

These potential improvements include a double left turn from Ladner Trunk Road westbound to Harvest Drive southbound, a double right turn from Harvest Drive northbound to Ladner Trunk Road, and the widening of Ladner Trunk Road to three lanes between Harvest Drive and Highway 17A.

The roads or widened intersections could be intended for general traffic or dedicated to buses, the city notes.

Delta received funding of $ 70,000 under TransLink’s Bus Speed ​​and Reliability Program for option development and concept design.

A draft of the study is to be completed by the end of this year.


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