Governor DeSantis touts Florida ports ahead of vacation


Govt. Ron DeSantis won’t let inflation spoil the country’s holiday cheer.

Speaking to Eustis on Friday, the Republican governor – perhaps now known as DeSanta Claus – touted Florida’s ports as a solution to the country’s supply chain conundrum.

“We want to make sure we’re helping to check some of the inflation and we want to make sure that we can pick things up for the Christmas holidays and for Thanksgiving,” DeSantis said.

With the west coast ports packed, DeSantis last week Free Florida as an alternative airstrip before the holidays. And while progress is slow, he expects more ships to reorient soon.

“Everyone now knows Florida is part of the solution here,” said DeSantis, a father of three. “We want to make sure the goods arrive. “

The Republican governor, however, tempered expectations. The decision to redirect, he explained, is a “basic calculation” of a cost-benefit analysis. So far, he told reporters, scores of ships on the east coast have been diverted to Florida along with a cargo ship from India.

“If you’re stuck somewhere, what’s the cost of coming to Florida?” Said DeSantis. “(It can) end up making it better than just sitting there.”

In particular, DeSantis capitalizes on the holiday blues. In a recent fundraising pitch, he described the president Joe biden like the “Grinch who stole Christmas” and warned about giftless children across the country.

DeSantis developed the not-so-happy thinking on Friday.

“How much will Thanksgiving dinner cost for all of these families this year compared to previous years?” DeSantis asked reporters. “I think it’s going to be a huge increase. And if some of these supply issues aren’t addressed, it sure isn’t going to help matters. “

The White House, meanwhile, is responding to the country’s logistics challenges by finalizing an agreement to turn the Port of Los Angeles – one of the nation’s main entry points for consumer products – to a 24-hour operation. 24, seven days a week.

Retail and shipping companies like Walmart, FedEx and UPS have also agreed to help reduce the backlog, pledging to unload during off-peak hours.

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