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On July 27, 2021, Sierra Pacific Power Company d / b / a NV Energy (“SPPC”) filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (“Commission”) to reopen File No. 20-06004 and obtain the Authorization to resume cost recovery of the full amount of One Nevada Transmission Line’s (“ON Line”) revenue requirements using the tariffs in effect on January 1, 2022.

This notice serves only to notify the public that the Commission has received the above-noted filing. It is the responsibility of those interested to review the filing and monitor the procedures to determine the desired levels of participation based on how this matter may affect their particular situation. The details provided in this notice are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a complete overview of the filing. The Commission may examine and adopt alternative proposals which are not in the dossier but which are related to the subject of the dossier and supported by substantial evidence.

The PPSC filed the petition in accordance with the Revised Statutes of Nevada (“NRS”) and the Administrative Code of Nevada (“NAC”), Chapters 703 and 704, including, but not limited to, NAC 703.540.

In its petition, PPSC seeks to reopen file 20-06004 and obtain authorization to recover all costs associated with the reallocated portion of the ON Line revenue requirement effective January 1, 2022. PPSC anticipates that in the Dec. 23 from the Commission, 2020, Order in File # 20-06004, the Council postponed the inclusion of reallocated costs in tariffs based on the impacts of COVID. The PPSC says the deferral is no longer necessary as there are fewer uncertainties associated with COVID-19, and key indicators demonstrate that current levels of economic activity are comparable to pre-COVID levels. Therefore, PPSC requests that the reallocated portion of ON Line be put back into the tariffs effective January 1, 2022.

PPSC further requests that ON Line costs recovered from tariffs in 2022 include (1) the amount of ON Line regulatory assets as at December 31, 2021, which is expected to be $ 18.3 million, and (2) the ongoing revenue requirements associated with the reallocated portion of ON Line costs. PPSC predicts that without cost recovery from 2022, ON Line’s regulatory asset balance is expected to increase to $ 28.4 million by the end of 2022 – an increase of more than $ 10 million, including including an estimated additional finance charge of $ 1.6 million, which could be avoided by starting rate collection on January 1, 2022. PPSC states that by starting its proposed one-year amortization in 2022, customers would save approximately $ 4 , $ 46 million from the next rate cycle recovery.

Any interested and affected person who is not already party to file n ° 20-06004 can file a request for authorization to intervene in this matter in accordance with NAC 703.578 to 703.600 at the latest on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2021.

Also no later than WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2021, all interested and affected persons, including existing parties to File 20-06004, may file comments regarding the PPSC’s procedural request to reopen File 20-06004 .

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, in accordance with NAC 703.655, the Commission has scheduled a PRE-HEARING CONFERENCE in this file to be held as follows:


1:30 p.m.

Connect according to your location:

(775) 687-0999 (Northern Nevada)

(702) 486-5260 (southern Nevada)

The parties will appear and otherwise participate in the pre-hearing conference by telephone. Members of the public can access the pre-hearing conference at the time specified herein via the Board’s live stream link on its website at

Parties to this case must obtain an access code for this pre-hearing conference call by emailing Commission Administrative Attorney Jared Aranda at no later than FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

The purpose of the pre-hearing conference is to articulate and simplify the issues raised in this proceeding and to discuss a procedural timetable. At the pre-hearing conference, the Commission may take any action authorized by CAN 703.655.

The Commission is not responsible for providing clerical or administrative assistance or documents to parties during Commission proceedings. If such assistance is required, the parties should make other arrangements for such assistance.

PPSC’s petition is publicly available on the Commission’s website:; and at the offices of the Commission: 1150 East William Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701 and 9075 West Diablo Drive, Suite 250, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148.

For the Commission,


Deputy secretary of the committee

Dated: Carson City, Nevada



Publication: August 19, 2021 Advert n ° 16154


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