Côte d’Ivoire: Floods – Emergency Action Plan (EPoA), DREF No. MDRCI015 Operation Update No. 1 – Côte d’Ivoire


Summary of major revisions to the emergency action plan:

This Operation DREF update aims to update stakeholders on the status of the implementation of Operation DREF Flood since its launch on 04 July 2022. The operations update also highlights challenges encountered by the implementation team and informs of a free extension of two deadlines. (2 months. The overall deadline being 5 months with a new end date of December 31, 2022, instead of October 31, 2022, to allow the NS to finalize all the remaining activities within the framework of the implementation.

The main activities that remain to be implemented are the following:

• Communication activities

• The finalization of voice cuts for messages in local languages ​​and their radio broadcast in several languages

• The radio program on Radio Côte d’Ivoire and for Television (MEDI TV, Nouvelle Chaîne de Côte d’Ivoire (NCI)) and the reporting activity on the activities within the framework of the production of the documentary film

• The transfer of the last two cash installments to the beneficiaries.

• Compilation and entry of accounting documents

• Post-distribution monitoring

• Workshop on lessons learned

• Narrative and financial reports

This request for extension follows the delay in the implementation of activities mainly due to the following reasons:

• SN’s delay in starting activities after DREF’s approval following the staff strike during the first weeks

• The very limited self-financing capacity of the NS, which did not allow the financing of the first activities before the transfer of funds

• Cumbersome administrative procedures for signing documents

• Delay in CEA’s involvement in field activities due to cumbersome and slow administrative procedures, which had a strong impact on the process of defining/validating the selection criteria and finalizing the lists of CASH and Kit Wash beneficiaries with the community

• Late start of communication activities (two months from October). This delay in the start of communication activities is explained by the cumbersome financial procedures.

• Conflicting key priority with other ongoing operations requiring the same operational and financial staff.

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