Calistoga swimmers push to keep community pool open year round | New


The petitioners call on Calistoga City Council to open the community pool year-round.

Julie mitchell

Julie mitchell

Calistoga resident Michael Scippa is an avid swimmer. Most days, he averaged over 45 minutes of freestyle laps at the Calistoga Community Pool. And he is not alone. Each day, lap swimming slots as well as aqua aerobics lessons are maximized at the pool, with water lovers training to cool off and soaking up the sun. And almost every weekday in the summer, the shallow end is filled with kids taking swimming lessons.

There’s only one problem: Historically, the pool closes for the fall and winter months, depriving swimmers of their favorite way to exercise as well as a way to socialize with friends. . Especially for seniors who have spent much of the last year in isolation at home, chatting before or after water aerobics or swimming has become an important part of their personal care routine.

Scippa has therefore launched an online petition to pressure city leaders to keep the pool open year round. As he points out in the petition, “Maintaining swimming pool programs throughout the year is already an objective enshrined in the general 2021-2022 plan of the city. As of Friday, the petition had already collected more than 200 signatures.

Rachel Melick, director of parks and recreation at Calistoga, acknowledged Scippa’s frustration.

“Keeping the pool open longer is a goal of the city council,” she said. “Last year, because the facility opened late due to the pandemic – and was closed for several weeks due to fires, smoky air and evacuation – we applied for funding to keep the pool open until the third week of november, and we got it. And there has been no decline in use.


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