Brunswick Regional Water Sewer H2Go Board of Trustees Candidates


Four candidates are vying for three seats on the Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2Go Board of Commissioners.

Robert Cruse will be joined on the ballot by incumbents Bill Beer, Ronnie Jenkins and Rodney McCoy.

Brunswick County voters have three options to vote in this year’s municipal election. Residents can vote before polling day by sending a mail ballot or voting during the one-stop-shop or early voting period, which begins October 14 and ends October 30.

Voters can also vote on polling day, which is November 2.

Editor’s Note: Candidates Bill Beer and Ronnie Jenkins did not submit responses. Rodney McCoy did not submit a photo.

Robert B. Cruse

  • Age: 55 years old
  • Address: 1449 Bluff Drive NE, Leland, NC 28451
  • Profession: NC State / Financial Investigator
  • Family: Married, 33 years old, one son and four grandchildren.
  • Education: UNCW, Bachelor of Science – Accounting; Keller Graduate School of Management, Master of Business Administration – Accounting
  • Political affiliation: Republican

Rodney McCoy

  • Age: 70
  • Address: 10053 South Olde Towne Wynd, Belville, NC 28451
  • Occupation: Retired, Formerly Sales, Service and Application of Industrial Pumps and Filters
  • Family: wife (Mercedes), daughters, two, (Stephanie, Ashley), four grandchildren
  • Education: BS Applied Physics, East Carolina University, 1973
  • Political affiliation: this breed is partyless

What are the biggest challenges the board faces and how would you approach them?

Cruse: I believe that one of the biggest challenges for the council going forward is the ability to keep a low and affordable price for drinking water and sewage. Our Blessed Nation, including Brunswick County, is going through many changes due to COVID-19, including labor and product shortages, which have resulted in numerous price increases. We all noticed that prices were going up all around us. I will work harder than anyone elected to this board to ensure that these costs are contained and do not flow into rate increases for our customers.

McCoy: The North Brunswick region is growing at an exceptional rate. It is imperative that H2GO continues to plan and implement the infrastructure to support this. Additionally, we need to complete the work of completing the new potable water facility which will deliver clean, safe, GENX-free water to the region without any increase in water flow. This drinking water plant will ensure a reliable and safe source of drinking water, especially for school-aged children, as well as other groups at risk.

With the combination of utilities, how do you fix the controversial relationship going forward?

Cruse: I will make it my priority to work with the County of Brunswick and the cities and communities around us to improve our relations. In the past, these relationships have been strained and little has been done to improve these relationships. As a citizen of the County of Brunswick, I am expected to be represented and treated fairly by my elected officials, including representatives of the County of Brunswick. As an elected representative of H2GO, I would consider it my duty to work with our external partners and do everything in my power to provide H2GO customers with the best products at the best price.

McCoy: The relationship with local municipalities has changed. Now everyone understands that each entity has to do what it does best. In the case of providing water and sanitation services, H2GO, by far, can provide this service in a superior way. This now allows other partners to focus on what they do best, and in turn improve the whole area for everyone.

Why are you the best candidate?

Cruse: … With all my training in accounting, I have a solid background in finance and the ability to understand complex financial statements. As a law enforcement officer, trained in investing in financial crimes, I learned to review, evaluate and test all financial statements. This training will prove to be an asset in finding ways to reduce costs in the near future. I have served on the Town of Sandy Creek Board of Directors for almost 20 years. … As mayor, I oversaw the installation of a regional sewer system for Sandy Creek with the Town of Northwest. This was a very important gesture for the installation of this sewer system for the town of Sandy Creek. I also served over 31 years in the Army Reserve. I currently hold the rank of Staff Sergeant of the 518th Sustainment Brigade in Knightdale, North Carolina. I have held all kinds of leadership positions in the Reserve, including Acting 1SG.

McCoy: I have tried to provide this region with clean, safe drinking water from the start. We are now so close and I am ready to help finish the job.


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