Beany brings its main accounting department to Australia


New Zealand’s first online accounting firm launched in Sydney and announces appointment of Australian Managing Director; ready to recruit to meet local demand from SMEs

The launch comes amid lockdowns and the need for small businesses to access various government payments and programs led by the pandemic

Sydney, Australia
– New Zealand’s leading online accounting firm Beany launched in Australia, offering easy access to leading accountants, its proactive approach to adding value to businesses, and its stable monthly fixed fee for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the country.

The company also announced that Julian Hutabarat CPA has been appointed Managing Director of Beany Australia as the company seeks to immediately hire local staff to meet the demand for its services, especially among professional services and traders.

Launched seven years ago in New Zealand, Beany is a unique online accounting firm that now has nearly 2,000 New Zealand companies among its clients, ranking it among the top two percent of accounting firms. top performers of the Tasman.

Beany relies on a team of experts working remotely to provide proactive service to its customers. The company has developed a unique, world-class software solution that, during the integration phase, collects all the necessary information required by accountants to undertake compliance, forecasting, budgets and more for SMBs. Once this online integration is complete, Beany appoints a personal accountant – who has all the information they need to start working immediately – for the client within minutes, with clients also having access to team support and advice. Extended Beany Expert for a fixed time, monthly fee.

Sue de Bievre, CEO and Founder of Beany, said the transparent process and unique software enables efficiencies that allow Beany’s team of experts to spend more time proactively meeting the needs of customers. customers, and the software also identifies when and where a customer needs assistance.

his team of accountants will work proactively to advise clients on how to improve their small business, such as providing advice and helping them apply various programs or benefits that the business owner might benefit from.

“We’re seeing interest among professional services and businesses in our services because we can add value to them rather than just being a cost to help them comply,” she said.

“In a context of a prolonged economic downturn, SMEs such as those in commerce, for example, often do not have the time during the day to invoice on time, let alone register and access disaster payments, keep abreast of updated tax rates. and undertake financial health checks.

“We are providing this to all of our customers for a stable monthly rate, which is why we have seen such rapid early traction in Australia.”

Software Powers Expertise and proactive accounting for SMEs

Joseph Lyons, Managing Director of Xero, Australia & Asia, said: “Beany’s team of specialists are a great foundation for any new business, but are also ideal for established businesses looking to use accounting to forecast and plan. in advance.

The company has already signed a number of clients in Australia, including Angela Loucks Alexander, director of the Auditory Processing Institute.

“I moved to Australia in November 2020 after using Beany a lot in New Zealand, and immediately contacted Beany to see if they were operating here,” Alexander said. “It’s the most proactive thing I can do for my organization.

“When I started my business I had huge bills and wasn’t getting the proactivity I needed from a service I was paying a premium for. So I found Beany and was up and running within an hour. Having the team of experts ready to help if I have any questions gave me peace of mind – especially since the cost was stable and I knew I wasn’t going to have a huge bill at the end.

“In addition, they have been at the forefront in giving me advice, such as informing me about tax rates or changed benefits, a proactive service that I had never experienced before. “

Newly appointed general manager responsible for growing the business locally and quickly adding staff

Julian Hutabarat brings a decade of experience in leadership roles to Beany, having most recently worked as a Director for BPI Accounting Services. He holds a CPA, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) In Accounting and Finance from the University of New South Wales.

“I’ve always worked with companies that followed the traditional accounting process: billing by the hour and a lot of compliance work,” Hutabarat said. “But I’ve always found that the traditional accounting process doesn’t add long-term value to a business; he was not able to help a business project in the future.

“Beany has a huge opportunity to help Australian SMEs and independent traders both in the future and today, amid the latest bottlenecks that are causing undue stress to businesses across the country. Not only do we reduce the burden of accounting bill shock with stable monthly fees, but we help people request disaster payments quickly and hassle-free at no additional cost.

De Bievre said Beany was looking to hire more accountants immediately to meet a rapid interest in his service locally, but added that the company was ready to start by leveraging its existing network of experts under Hutabarat leadership.

“While we want to add staff quickly to help us grow faster, under the leadership of Julian and with the support of our team of accountants, we are ready to go for our clients in Australia,” said de Bievre. “He’s committed to delivering value to customers beyond compliance, and that makes him a perfect fit with our philosophy here at Beany. “


Beany is a team of accountants proven to put more money in the pockets of small business owners. Beany is completely online, which allows us to bring the smartest people to small and medium-sized businesses, at an affordable price. We transform accounting from a responsive department into a value-added arm of any small business, allowing them to look confidently into the future and plan ahead.

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