Ballot campaign to curb short payday loan signings

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – The Michigan Office of Elections has determined that organizers of a ballot campaign to limit interest and fees charged by payday lenders failed to collect enough signatures from valid voters.

Based on the results of a random sample of 522 signatures, Michiganders for Fair Lending collected approximately 274,668 valid signatures, short of the roughly 340,000 needed, aaccording to a Michigan Bureau of Elections report released on July 15. The sample had been drawn from around 380,000.

The bureau determined that many were ineligible due to missing information or a traffic error.

“Michiganders for Fair Lending is disappointed with the Board of Elections staff report which concluded that this year’s petition campaign did not meet the signature requirement. As widely reported in the media, this has been a difficult year for all petition campaigns in Michigan,” campaign manager Inna Mirzoyan said in a statement. “Despite this disappointment, the Fair Lending Coalition remains motivated and committed to payday loan reform.”

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