Accounting Firm Cloud Iplicit Unveils Financial Reseller Partnership Program To Drive Global Expansion


Software publishers specializing in accounting and finance will have the opportunity to sell implicit A true award-winning cloud accounting tool to help growing midsize businesses move away from inflexible, on-premises legacy systems.

Over 350 organizations and 5,000 active users currently access the iplicit cloud solution on a daily basis. The London-based organization also has international clients in 52 countries and recorded 162% revenue growth last year. The continued upward trajectory means the company is on track to provide service to more than 2,000 organizations and 30,000 daily users by 2025.

To further fuel growth in the UK and internationally, iplicit has deployed an in-house team – with over 30 years of channel experience – to specifically establish partnering relationships with expert resellers of accounting and financial software. .

Paul Sparkes, an implicit manager, said: “We are already talking to vendors who are frustrated and hampered by legacy and inflexible systems because they no longer want to work that way – effectively with an arm tied behind their back.

“They’ve gone beyond previous software and don’t want the cost or complexity that many platforms currently offer in the market. They are looking for efficiency and a way to alleviate overwhelming workloads and time constraints, using the many benefits offered by today’s modern cloud solutions.

“Financial and accountant resellers are absolutely critical to ensuring our product gets to the right midsize businesses at the right time. This is another step forward for how we continue to add value for customers and leverage the momentum that supports our growth ambitions nationally and internationally.

Created in January 2019 by the founders of the financial solution Exchequer Software Ltd, iplicit integrates with other cloud applications and provides users – from industries such as nonprofits, accounting, recruiting and education – real-time reporting capabilities, automated data migration. , fast implementation and a public API to break down data silos.

Other software feature deployments include authorization workflows to provide organizations with control over transactions and approvals, automated exchange rates with live exchange rate updates, dashboards – via the iplicit mobile app – to better understand KPIs and buy-to-pay solutions so businesses can get visibility. inquiries, orders, goods received and invoices. An inventory control function should be launched before the end of the year.

Winner of the 2020 Accounting Excellence Award, iplicit is on its way to becoming a global provider of leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and a partner of choice for mid-range Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for existing providers who currently have a legacy. , on-premise systems and require a true cloud solution.

To learn more about the iplicit reseller partner program, send an email [email protected] or call 020 7729 3260.


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